Conference Information

The New England Council on
Crime and Delinquency (NECCD)
77th Annual Training Institute
October 2 -5, 2016
Mystic Hilton,
Mystic, CT
$139 per night ~ reference NECCDE
(860) 572-0731



President Richard Sparaco – CT
Vice President Willard Goodwin - ME
Past President Alan Cormier - VT
Recording Secretary Andrew Cannon - CT
Treasurer James Roy – CT
Executive Director Paula Keating - MA

Board Members

Lorraine Rodriques - Chair Michele Naismith – Chair
William Bilyak Greg Iworsky
Tara Brooks Michael Geha
Kirk Gordon Heather Newell
Sherrie Moran Christopher Regan
Loretta Satchell Eric Skillings
Bethany LaPierre – Alternate Jadie Johnson – Alternate
Sandra Levay – Alternate Tara Kizirian – Alternate
Craig Washington – Alternate
Michelle Carter-Donahue – Chair Michele Pouliot - Chair
Stephen Busby Mandy Booth
lynn Ann Clifford Lisa Chamorro
Jack McGrimley Lauren Dyer
Jennifer O’Day Lisa Proto
Michelle Williams Laura Queenan
Rita McCarthy – Alternate Lynne Corry - Alternate
John Quinn – Alternate Adrienne McGowan – Alternate
Ramona Reno - Alternate Carolyn Romano - Alternate
Susan Gagnon – Chair Herb Sinkinson – Chair
Julie Bjelko Amber Charbonneau
Ruth Fethke Brad Dansereau
Jodie Johnson James Gibson
Steve Labonte Amy Jacobs
Scott Lewis Ashley Fisk
Michael Downes – Alternate Shana Blanchard – Alternate
Robert Omiecinski – Alternate Suzanne Dubac – Alternate
Sean O’Keefe – Alternate Cheryl Elovita – Alternate

2016 Committee Appointments

Audit Constitution & Bylaws
Michele Naismith (NH) ~ Chair Michele Pouliot (RI) ~ Chair
Paula Keating (MA) ~ Executive Director John Quinn (MA)
Bill Goodwin (ME) ~ Vice President Susan Gagnon (ME)
Alan Cormier (VT) ~ Past President John McGrimley (MA)
James Roy (CT) ~ Treasurer Heather Newell (NH)
Adrienne McGowan (RI) Andrew Cannon (CT)
Membership / Registration Vendor
Laura Queenan (RI) ~ Co-Chair Herb Sinkinson (VT) ~ Co-Chair
Lisa Proto (RI) ~ Co-Chair Jennifer O’Day (MA) ~ Co-Chair
William Bilyak & Lorraine Rodrigues (CT) Paula Keating (MA) ~ Executive Director
Michelle Carter-Donahue (MA) Richard Sparaco (CT) ~ President
Michele Naismith & Heather Newell (NH) John McGrimley (MA)
Willard Goodwin & Julie Bjelko (ME) Carolyn Romano & Mandy Booth (RI)
Amy Jacobs & Jim Gibson (VT) Mike Geha & Christopher Regan (NH)
  James Roy (CT)
  Cory Day & Michael Downes (ME)
Awards & Scholarship Programs
Lisa Chamorro (RI) ~ Chair Tara Brooks (CT) ~ Chair
Lynne Corry (RI) Michelle Williams (MA) ~ Co-Chair
Amber Charbonneau & Brad Dansereau (VT) John Quinn & Ramona Reno (MA)
Craig Washington (CT) Lauren Dyer (RI)
Tara Kizirian & Jadie Johnson (NH) Herb Sinkinson & Shana Blanchard (VT)
Lynn Ann Clifford (MA) Alan Cormier (VT)
Robert Omiecinski & Ruth Fethke (ME) Kirk Gordon (CT)
Steve Labonte (ME) Stephen Busby (MA)
  Jodie Johnson & Ruth Fethke (ME)
  Eric Skillings & Greg Iworsky(NH)
  Sherrie Morran (CT)
Site Selection
Paula Keating (MA) ~ Chair  
Richard Sparaco (CT) ~ President  
Willard Goodwin (ME) ~ Vice President  
Tara Brooks (CT) ~ President Appointee  
Andrew Cannon (CT) ~ President Appointee  
Alan Cormier (VT) ~ Past President  


View Past Presidents

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